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Research & Development

Reduce your up-front capital costs and accelerate timeframes with our tested solutions.

We know introducing new equipment to solve a problem can be a challenge.

Sometimes analogue wells are missing historical data and technical information, and you may have spent significant amounts of money to purchase and install new equipment only to find it fail.

We can provide you with the best solution for your situation. Our experienced technical experts and independent consultants will use their 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry to make sure our solution meets your needs.

We gather data, investigate failures, and when needed, fabricate models and test benches specifically tailored to mimic your operating environment. Tests are monitored by our dedicated engineers under your supervision. 


    Rod Tubing Guide Test

    We have developed a Rod Tubing Guide (RTG) test bench so we can test various centralisers and guide models with different materials in your specific operating environment easily, saving on resource and capital spend.

    To make sure you get the right solution, we can change test parameters including:

    • solid content
    • load per guide
    • speed.

    We assign an engineer to work closely with you to ensure we understand your needs, and agree on the test procedures and objectives.

    During testing, we send report to you daily, and you can also monitor the tests remotely.

    A summary of the test and technical analysis will be presented to you at the end of the test period. Follow up meetings will be scheduled if needed.


    Myths and Reality

    In the past, you probably relied on information from salespeople, or simply repeated the past because ‘that’s what the last engineer did’.

    Now with us, you can use our controlled tests of equipment and solutions before implementation so you can ensure that:

    • the paddle rotor will actually work as intended
    • you have solid transport in deviated sections
    • guides will have the required effect on solid transport
    • you understand distributed tubing wear due to tubing rotator
    • you know how PCP dynamics on tubing wear in high solid environments will affect performance
    • find out if PCP with top stopper system or traditional slotted tag bar is the best for you
    • know which gas separation system is right for you
    • understand the effect of gas in conventional PCP vs gas handling PCP.



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